‘I would love to meet the robber who raped me in 2004’ – Nollywood actress, Elvina Iburu

Nollywood actress, has survived the horrific experience of being raped and now she says she’d love to meet the robber who forced himself on her 15 years ago.
Ibru, who played the role of Mopelola in the blockbuster movie, “Bling Lagosians” urged rape victims to speak out.

In her words,
“I was raped by an armed robber in 2004. It wasn’t my fault and not an incident that warrants me taking up microphone about, so I set up an advocacy group to address it. The group is to manage the young and old ones who had been through the same ugly incident like me. I know if I had to go all out to the media about the situation, it will fizzle out.

“However, it is not something I have been silent about; I don’t know the person that raped me, but I will meet him again, I know I will meet him”.