US Watchlist: Muslim Right Concern MURIC warns US, CAN

The Islamic group, Muslim Right Concern has decried United States over declaring Nigeria as a country with religious intolerance and also condemned Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, following their support to US declarations.

This contained in a statement issued by Prof. Ishaq Akintola, the group condemned US involvement in the matters, saying it would bring chores to Nigeria.

MURIC also recalled how Muslims in Southern Nigeria were turn down by US when they’re harassed

The group also warned CAN, noting if US destroyed Nigeria it’s not only Muslims that will suffer he turmoil

The statement said, “Some foreign powers are always eager to discredit developing nations. It is a game mastered by imperialists. We can see the signs. Instead of breaking up in 2015 as predicted, Nigeria is waxing strong. The war against corruption is on course. Infrastructure is growing at a fast rate. Therefore, a spanner must be thrown at the works to justify forceful intervention and a grip on Nigerian oil”, Akintola noted.

“America should do some introspection. Those who claim to be the champion of democracy in the world cannot, in good conscience, beat their chests and say, ‘We have been fair to all’. America complains to Nigeria that Christians are being killed even when it is well known that Muslims are the greatest victims of the killings. America invited former CAN president to address Congress a few years ago. But no Muslim leader has ever been invited to the same platform. Yet America has been using the lies told before Congress to judge our country. Is this fair?

“Muslims of Southern Nigeria have been complaining of persecution for decades but America turned its deaf ears. America pretends nothing is happening to Nigerian Muslims even when the Muslim girl child is locked out of school over an ordinary headscarf which is even allowed in US schools.

“US human rights record outside Nigeria is even nothing to write home about particularly regarding its attitude to issues affecting Muslim nations and Muslims in general. Sanctions are used selectively against Muslim nations in order to weaken them militarily and economically. Israel is free to kill and maim Palestinian children while America uses vetoes to frustrate resolutions of the United Nations against Israel.

“In fact, democracy is a sham if assessed against the backdrop of happenings in the UN where America alone can stop any decision made by the rest of the world. The US invaded Iraq without approval from the UN. So what moral right has America to judge other nations?

“If America is truly the world’s champion of democracy and the chief promoter of human rights, why is that country always silent each time Muslims are at the receiving end? More than 8,000 Muslims were massacred in the Bosnia genocide, particularly in Srebrenica and Zepa in 1995. What did America say? What did America do when Muslims were being killed in their hundreds in Myanmar? Even right now hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims are being detained in Western Xinjiang, China, but America cannot be bothered. Since last week, Muslim demonstrators are being killed over anti-Muslim Indian citizenry laws but the White House is only interested in bullying Nigeria.

“Our message to CAN is this, allow America to set fire to your country and we can assure you that it is not the Muslims alone who will face turmoil. Our people say that when a hen perches on a rope, neither the hen nor the rope will enjoy stability. Whether to avoid foreign interference in your country and live in peace with your Muslim neighbours while you watch your children and grandchildren play peacefully in the garden or to open the doors wide for an army of occupation which will bring general pandemonium, the choice is yours.

“CAN should remember that religion or no religion, America’s national interest is America’s priority. America has no permanent friends. Neither should anyone blame Americans for loving their own country. The blame goes to those who open the doors of their country for foreign forces to support them in eliminating or, at least, in undermining their perceived rivals or oppressors.

“CAN has only manifested its naivety in modern international politics. The US has thrown religious persecution as a bait. Unfortunately, CAN has swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. It is not the first time that America will fly a kite. What was America’s excuse for invading Iraq? Was it not weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? Was any WMD found at the end of the day? Did America apologise? Iraq’s infrastructure paid for it. It was completely demolished. But above all, Iraq’s oil paid for it and that was the real target ab initio.

“The same America is now talking of religious bias in order to create tension. If nothing like religious bias is found after Nigerians have killed themselves in their thousands, America will never apologise and we will be suckers for it. CAN is free to bring in America. After all, if the heavens will fall, we are all under it. But history will remember our warning to CAN.”